The COMTO Washington State Scholarship Committee will review all applications and evaluate each based on the following criteria (100 points possible):

Grade Point Average, Cumulative (20 points)

Personal Essay (25 points)

Participation in Career-related Activities (20 points)

School and Community Engagement (20 points)

References (15 points)

Following the application review, students may be asked for additional information via email or may be asked to participate in a virtual interview with the Scholarship Committee. Prospective awardees should use an email and/or phone number that they check frequently so that any contact about additional information needed to make award determinations can be shared before the evaluations are completed.

The committee will select candidates with the highest point totals for each scholarship.

Award Notification and Issuance

Awardees will receive notification on or before May 1, 2023 about award determinations. COMTO Washington State will award a check for the scholarship amount made payable to the institution the student will be attending (as demonstrated in the application).

The scholarship award is for use during the current academic year or term immediately following award, with forfeiting of any remaining funds.

By accepting the award, applicants agree that COMTO can use their name, photo and other limited information to demonstrate chapter activities and/or awards given.