Mount Rainier Graduate Scholarship - $5,000 each

Mimoona Rahim

Graduate Student - University of Washington

Recent Work Experience:

"Aspiring transportation planner passionate about dismantling race and class-based barriers and making systems of opportunity accessible to all through sustainable and equitable transportation planning."

Simaran Thapa

Graduate Student - St. Martin's University

Studying: Recent Work Experience:

"Civil engineering professional with experience and an interest in planning, designing, and constructing civil engineering structures. I am passionate about civil engineering. I seek opportunities to utilize my engineering knowledge and would be eager to learn more with experience."

Teea Martin

Graduate Student - University of Washington

Studying: Recent Work Experience:

"Key advisor and technical expert in elements of the agency’s safety systems who develops, implements and maintains safety programs and policies required for state and federal regulatory compliance for public transportation service operation. Supports compliance with state and federal requirements, reduction of King County loss and risk, and promote a safe environment for employees and customers."

WA State Founder's Scholarship - $2,500 each

Kyrie Miller

First Year Student (Fall 2022) at Willamette University

No declared major yet.

Interest is in medical field and using skills to be a physical therapist to treat musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) for those that work in public transportation, "especially among transit operators - those that drive buses, operate trains and have to sit in the same positions day in, day out."

Zekai Plesant

First Year Student (Fall 2022) at Green River College

No declared major yet.

Interest is in aviation and becoming a pilot. Currently participates in the local chapter of the Red Tailed Hawks and has experience as an intern at Seattle Public Utilities.

WA State Ambassador's Scholarship - $2,500 each

Azja French

Current Junior at University of Washington Tacoma (est. Graduation 2023)


Her goal is "to complete the research track with the focus on globalization and equity research in preparation for participating in public policy or public administration to make capitalizing on public resources like transportation equitable in order to make health facilities and counseling, education, job opportunities, and nutritious food accessible to the whole community."

HNTB Leaders Scholarship - $3,000 (selected by an HNTB Panel)

Simaran Thapa

(See Above)