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Scholarship Application

Each year, review deadlines will be March 31, September 30 and December 31.

Ensure the submission of all documents listed below at a single time (e.g. the mailing of all documents in one envelope, attached to one email, etc.) The Scholarship Committee with not accept separate document submittals; the applicant will receive zero points in that evaluation category. See points and criteria in the “Award Process” section.

Electronic submittals are encouraged but not mandatory. For electronic submittals, please scan and submit all application materials to

To mail applications, please email for the appropriate mailing address. Due to many of our staff working off-site the email will notify us that your application is being mailed and we can collect it from the office.

COMTO WA is not responsible for the completeness of the application if materials arrive separately either by mail or email.

Application Materials

A single submission should contain all items listed below. Applicants can send additional documents in the submission that they feel support or demonstrate application criteria. If you have questions regarding the application or materials please contact

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