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COMTO Washington State provides multiple opportunities to engage. Whether policy and governance, leadership, recruitment, events or education, invest your time where it is meaningful and impactful.


  • Promotes membership in our COMTO chapter and coordinates with the Communications and Events committees to recruit volunteers. 

  • Serves as a point of contact for individuals who need help with membership registration or renewal.

  • Helps new members learn about volunteer opportunities.


Scheduled Meetings:

Every other Friday 10-11:30 AM


  • The Communications Committee promotes and celebrates COMTO WA chapter activities and membership through a variety of media.

  • This committee manages social media, the chapter newsletter, the chapter website, and other aspects of communications.


Scheduled Meetings:

Every other Wednesday at 2 PM via Teams

Events & Fundraising

  • Responsible for all stages of planning and execution of the Annual Gala that is the primary fundraising mechanism for COMTO Washington

  • Works with partner organizations like ACEC to plan joint fundraising events.

  • Organizes COMTO Washington promotional materials.

  • Works with other committees for any planned recognition or celebrations

Historically Underutilized Business (HUB)

  • Promotes the utilization and capacity building of small and disadvantaged businesses in the transportation industry.

  • Serves as a resource to small and disadvantaged businesses on a local and national level to discuss topics of interest and share best practices.


Scheduled Meetings:

The HUB Committee meets virtually on Teams the second Thursday of every month from 12 to 1 PM.

Internships and Scholarships

  • Strives to provide students interested in transportation-related careers with financial support and opportunities to contribute meaningful work within the field as a means of furthering their career.

  • Supports students and early career professionals to ensure the participation and growth of members of minoritized communities in the transportation industry.


Scheduled Meetings:

The Internship and Scholarship Committee is looking to establish a monthly meeting schedule to help facilitate scholarship evaluations.

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