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Scholarship Award Program

The Conference of Minority Transportation Officials (COMTO) Washington State is dedicated to the development and advancement of individuals interested in careers in transportation. COMTO Washington offers scholarships each year to students who are pursuing their education in transportation-related fields. The chapter designs its scholarship programs to diversify the transportation profession and increase access to careers for those with limited means. Multiple scholarship awards are available.


Our Scholarships

COMTO Washington will award up to $50,000 in 2023 to students who express an interest in pursuing college studies in a transportation-related field. The scholarship award is for use for tuition;* disbursement is directly to the college, university or vocational institution.


COMTO Washington State is pleased to offer the following scholarships:

*Tuition may also include expenses charged by the college or institution in order to take the courses such as laboratory fees, protective equipment, books, etc. Distribution of funds for such items must come from the designated institution.

Eligible Applicants 

Eligible applicants will, at a minimum:

  • Be a graduating high school senior or current post-secondary student entering as a freshman, sophomore, junior, senior or graduate student, enrolled in an accredited college, university or a vocational/trade school.

  • Be in good educational standing with at least a 2.8 cumulative GPA.

  • Be a permanent resident of Washington state (may attend college outside the state).

  • Be a U.S. citizen, VISA or green card holder with authorization to attend school in the United States.

  • Complete the full COMTO Washington Scholarship Application and submit said application prior to the deadline.

  • Be enrolled in an accredited college, university or vocational-technical institution in the term following the scholarship award (e.g. spring quarter 2023, fall semester 2023, etc.) with a major or minor in a transportation-related field.

Award Process

Award Process

The COMTO Washington State Scholarship Committee will review all applications and evaluate each based on the following criteria (100 points possible):

Grade Point Average
20 points maximum

  • 4.0 – 3.8 (20 pts)

  • 3.8 – 3.6 (18 pts)

  • 3.6 – 3.4 (16 pts)

  • 3.4 – 3.2 (14 pts)

  • 3.2 – 3.0 (12 pts)

  • 3.0 – 2.8 (10 pts)

School and Community Engagement
20 points

  • Volunteer or community work performed

  • School involvement (clubs, extra-curricular activities, etc.).

  • Involvement outside school (jobs, clubs, etc.)

  • Recognition or awards

Personal Essay
25 points

Score based on content, grammar, spelling, flow of ideas and applicant’s answers to the COMTO WS required essay questions.

15 points

  • Two letters of recommendation for the Mt. Rainier Graduate Scholarship

  • One letter for all other scholarships

  • Should demonstrate the relationship between the candidate and the person writing the reference

  • Should speak to the applicant’s relevant work, character or other related qualities

Participation in Career-Related Activities
20 points

  • Internships

  • Professional organization, memberships or club involvement

  • Trainings, workshops, projects related to career field

Following the application review, students may be asked for additional information via email or may be asked to participate in a virtual interview with the Scholarship Committee. Prospective awardees should use an email and/or phone number that they check frequently so that any contact about additional information needed to make award determinations can be shared before the evaluations are completed.

The committee will select candidates with the highest point totals for each scholarship.

Award Notification and Issuance

Awardees will receive notification on or before May 1, 2023 about award determinations. COMTO Washington State will award a check for the scholarship amount made payable to the institution the student will be attending (as demonstrated in the application).

  • A copy of their college enrollment registration for the term stated in the application.

  • The address and contact information for the school’s financial aid or student accounts office (whichever will be applying the funds to the student’s account).

    • Note: The student must provide their student account number/student ID number with this information.


The scholarship award is for use during the current academic year or term immediately following award, with forfeiting of any remaining funds.

By accepting the award, applicants agree that COMTO can use their name, photo and other limited information to demonstrate chapter activities and/or awards given.

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