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COMTO WA Elections

Voting for the 2024 elections has closed. Congratulations to our new officers!


COMTO WA elections occur each spring. Please see below for an typical timeline and an in-depth review of officer duties. Remember to vote or submit a nomination in our next election!


Nominations Process

1 / Nominations Deadline / March 21

Chapter members in good standing as of March 18, must complete the nomination form and submit it to the Nomination Committee member identified at the bottom of the nomination form no later than 5 p.m. (PST) Thursday, March 21: This is also the last day a person who is not a member can join in time to vote or run for an office.

2 / Committee Review

The Nomination Committee will review the slate of nominees. The committee may contact the candidate for a phone interview and may contact references listed on the Nomination Form for additional candidate information. The committee will use the information provided in the form, interview and references in evaluating candidates and preparing the announcement of the candidates.

3 / Committee Validation / March 25

The Nomination Committee will validate eligibility of candidates and notify the candidates of their eligibility no later than March 25.

4 / Candidate Announcements / March 25

The Nomination Committee announces the candidates for the offices no later than March 25.

5 / Written Statements Due / April 5

All written statements are due to the Nominating Committee by April 5.

6 / Candidate Presentations / April 8

Candidates may present their qualifications and a supporting statement of their candidacy at the regular chapter meeting on April 8.

7 / Online Election / April 8

Online election via Survey Monkey will open at the conclusion of the chapter meeting on April 8.

8 / Voting Concludes / April 20

Voting will conclude 5 p.m., April 20.

9 / Election Results Announcement / April 22

Nominating Committee will announce election results via email to all COMTO Washington State members April 22.

10 / Swearing In / May 13

The swearing in of officers will take place at the regular chapter meeting on May 13.

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